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China Academy of West Region Developent

Published: 08/09/2017

China Academy of West Region, Zhejiang University was co-built by National Development and Reform Commission and Zhejiang University in October 2006, and General Secretary Xi Jinping (Party Secretary of Zhejiang Province at that time) unveiled its nameplate and made an important speech.


Since its establishment, China Academy of West Region focuses on balanced development between regions and strives to be a national high-end think tank, relying on interdisciplinary researches and serving the national strategy of western development and the construction of Belt and Road Initiative. It has participated in the drafting of many important documents of Party Central Committee and State Council and undertaken more than 10 strategic planning issued or approved by State Council. A number of advisory reports on important governmental decisions and policy proposals have been commented by national leaders or accepted by provincial and ministerial leaders. It has also published important viewpoints in People’s Daily and other media, and a lot of important achievements have won national, provincial and ministerial honors. Through hosting international academic conferences and high-end forums, training high-end talents and working with internationally renowned think tanks, China Academy of West Region will continue to enhance its international influence.


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