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Institute for Public Policy, Zhejiang Province

Published: 09/26/2017

Established in September 2008, Public Policy Research Institute of Zhejiang University is an independent think tank co-built by Zhejiang provincial government and Zhejiang University. It has won the title of Advanced Unit of Creating New Think Tanks of National Social Sciences and Technology Federation and been selected into the initial think tank sources of China's think tank index (CTTI).


Upholding the principles of creating the first-class think tank, building an innovation base and becoming a talent cradle, it has formed several characteristic research platforms, such as Internal Information of Public Policy, salons on public policy, Studies on Public Policy, selection of innovation cases in Zhejiang Province, forums on transformation and development, release of evaluation index, evaluation of government work and performance policy, comments on China and China’s Urbanization. It has also actively promoted the transformation and application of scientific researches and vigorously advocated the training of public management personnel. Based on Zhejiang Province and faced with the whole country, Public Policy Research Institute has provided efficient, high-quality and all-round public policy consultations and intellectual support for Zhejiang provincial party committee and government, local governments at all levels and other social organizations.

Read More: http://www.ggzc.zju.edu.cn/index.asp

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