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Academy of Global Zhejiang Entreprenueurs Zhejiang University

Published: 09/26/2017

Academy of Global Zhejiang Entrepreneurs, Zhejiang University relies on multi-disciplinary research advantages of Zhejiang University (ZJU) and absorbs social participation. Adhering to principles of “research, services, promotion and publicity of Zhejiang entrepreneurs”, it studies private enterprises sampled by Zhejiang entrepreneurs and conducts seminars, training and consulting activities under the background of globalization.


Established in 2011, Academy of Global Zhejiang Entrepreneurs, which is affiliated to School of Management,ZJU,owns the Board of Directors and Academic Committee. Jin Deshui, Secretary of Communist Party Committee of ZJU, serves its chairman; Zhang Xi, President of Development Committee of ZJU, serves its honorary president; Prof. Wu Xiaobo, Dean of School of Management, serves concurrently its president; Prof. Zhou Weihua, Vice Dean of School of Management, serves concurrently its executive president. Academy of Global Zhejiang Entrepreneurs comprises research groups on entrepreneurship studies, international business studies, corporate health and social responsibility, corporate history and culture, global strategy and operation of Zhejiang entrepreneurs, innovations in technology and business models, case studies of Zhejiang entrepreneurs and index research of Zhejiang entrepreneurs. Since 2011, it has continuously published Global Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Studies and held Top Forums on Global Zhejiang Entrepreneurs. Since 2012, it has successively released Development Report of Global Zhejiang Entrepreneurs and Index for Healthy China Business.


Refers to the website: zheshang.zju.edu.cn/Front/Index.aspx

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