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Institute for International Film and Television Development of Zhejiang University

Published: 09/26/2017

Institute for International Film & TV Development of Zhejiang University, co-founded by Zhejiang University (ZJU) and Haining Municipal People's Government, is a research institute affiliated to ZJU. Oriented in Zhejiang Province, serving China and influencing the global, it strives to become an innovative platform combining research, services, result transformation, industry training and technology incubation of the film and television cultural industry.


Located in Haining Base of China (Zhejiang) Experimental Zone for International Cooperation of Film and TV, Institute for International Film & TV Development is an innovative cooperation between university and base resources to achieve resource complementarity and win-win cooperation. Approved by State Administration of Radio, Film and Television in May 2012, Haining Base is the first and the only national base in international cooperation in the film and television industry. Taking the advantages of Haining City as the national experimental zone for international cooperation in the film and television industry and relying on the strong faculty, outstanding teamwork ability and excellent research achievements of ZJU, Institute for International Film & TV Development will further strengthen the cooperation between ZJU and local communities and explore frontier issues of international cooperation in the film and television industry, in order to effectively enhance the influence of ZJU in the field of film and television industry both at home and abroad.Read More:



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