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Manuscripts of Diaries of Zhu Kezhen Donated by the Relatives of Zhu Kezhen

Published: 06/12/2017

    Zhejiang University, on 120th anniversary of its birthday, May 21st, 2017, received a precious gift, 56 manuscripts of Diaries of Zhu Kezhen from Zhu An, the youngest son of late President Mr. Zhu Kezhen, on behalf of all the relatives of the Zhu’s. On behalf of ZJU, Ren Shaobo, Managing Vice President, accepted this precious gift and granted the certificate of donation to Zhu An. Chairman Zhang Junsheng, and Deputy Chairman Wang Yuzhi of Development Committee, ZJU were present at the ceremony, and Prof. Luo Weidong, Vice President of ZJU hosted the ceremony.

    Late President Zhu Kezhen, under heavy workload every day, kept on writing diaries from 1936 to 1974, the year he passed away. A total number of 9 million Chinese characters in 56 diaries was kept intact to this day, which portrayed vividly his unremitting arduous efforts for saving the nation in the Chinese People’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggressions and for invigorating the nation with science and education later on. Of great value in archives and research, these manuscripts were acclaimed as “one of the most influential diaries of celebrities in 20th century”. On the donation ceremony, Zhu An expressed his idea that, with close ties and intimacy with ZJU, the descendants of Zhu Kezhen had a firm belief that ZJU would be the best home for these precious historical archives. 

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