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Professor WU Yuzhe joined the Land Management Working Group of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO/TC211)

Published: 03/20/2019

According to the email from ISO Central Secretariat, on the recommendation of the Standardization Administration of China, Professor WU Yuzhe of the Department of Land Management, Zhejiang University, was admitted as a member of the ISO Committee and joined the ISO/TC211/WG7 Working Group. One task of the working group is to formulate and revise land management standards. The international standard formulated in 2012 “ISO 19152:2012 Geographic information -- Land Administration Domain Model (LADM)” is about to enter the revision stage.


With the vigorous development of the international geographic information industry, in order to promote the development, utilization and sharing of global geographic information resources, the technical meeting convened by the International Organization for Standardization in March 1994 decided to establish the Geographic Information Technical Committee (ISO/TC 211), with the Secretariat located in Norway. Up to now, there have been 38 active members (P members) and 31 observers (O members) participating in ISO/TC 211, and they cooperate closely with many international organizations. Since its establishment in 1994, China has participated in its work and has been an active member since 1995.


The tasks of the ISO/TC211/WG7 working group that Professor Wu joined include: providing a communication platform for cadastral management and land management in the world; encouraging land management in poor areas; promoting sustainable land management development for economic growth; improving innovative scientific and technological applications in cadastral management and land management; and raising public and stakeholders’ awareness of the role of surveyors in land management. The participation and cooperation of Professor Wu with the ISO working group will bring new opportunities for the development of land management discipline of Zhejiang University.


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