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The “Belt and Road” Judicial Cooperation Symposium Was Held at Zhejiang University

Published: 04/26/2019

In the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s speech at the 18th meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Qingdao Summit) and the 13th meeting of Supreme Court Chief Justices from the SCO member states, the Supreme People’s Court opened a seminar course for judges from the SCO member states on the China-SCO International Judicial Exchange and Cooperation Training Base from April 14th to April 26th.


On April 21st, some judges of the seminar course visited Zhijiang Campus, Zhejiang University and held a symposium on issues related to the “Belt and Road” judicial cooperation. 19 judges from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan participated in this symposium.

Xu Huichun, a full-time member of the Judicial Committee of the Higher People’s Court of Zhejiang Province, proposed that the symposium is aimed at promoting international cooperation and exchanges as well as consolidating the foundation of rule of law for the Belt and Road Initiative. He believed that this symposium would further promote the judicial cooperation of the “Belt and Road” countries and enhance the overall synergy of the Belt and Road Initiative.


Wang Guiguo, Director of the Institute of International Strategy and Law of Zhejiang University, made a keynote speech on views of the “Belt and Road” Initiative. Ma Guang, Associate Professor at Guanghua Law School and Director of the Institute of International Law, delivered another speech on the relationship between language and judicial cooperation.


In the communication session, judges from member states expressed their high appreciation for China promoting the “Belt and Road” judicial cooperation, and conducted special discussions on specific issues related to judicial cooperation.

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