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2013 International Conference on Industrial Economics

Published: 05/29/2013

2013 International Conference on Industrial Economics


                                Saturday, June 8, 2013----Sunday, June 9, 2013
                            Center for Research of Private Economy 

             and School of EconomicsZhejiang University (ZJU)


                      Conference Location:
               Conference Room, Hangzhou JinXi Hotel

Saturday, June 8

8:45       Welcome

       Jinchuan Shi, Director of Faculty of Social Science, Dean of School of Economics,Director of Center for Research of Private Economy, Zhejiang University

           Introduction to the Conference

        Yongmin Chen, University of Colorado at Boulder and ZJU

 9:00-10:30    Session One
            (Chair: Ruqu Wang, Queen’s University and ZJU)

          Differential Pricing When Costs Differ: A Welfare Analysis
           Marius Schwartz, Georgetown University

           Denying Leniency to Cartel Instigators: Costs and Benefits
            Tom Ross, University of British Columbia
Session Two

            (Chair: Zibin Zhang, Zhejiang University)

             Mergers When Prices Are Negotiated: Evidence from the Hospital Industry
             Gautam Gowrisankaran, University of Arizona

             Competition and Broadband Internet Adoption
             Brian Viard, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

2:00-3:30    Session Three
            (Chair: Chuanhai Jiang, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics)

Axiomatic Bargaining with Inequity Aversion: Norms vs. Preferences

             William Neilson, University of Tennessee

             Reputation Turnaround Through Voluntary Ownership and Management Turnover
             Yuk-fai Fong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Session Four

             (Chair: Xinyu Hua, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

             Territorial Requirement and Exclusive Dealing in China's Automobile Franchises
             Heng Ju, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics

 Losing to Win: Reputation Management of Online Sellers

             Mo Xiao, University of Arizona


Sunday, June 9 

8:30-10:00    Session Five
             (Chair:   Xiaolin Xue, Zhejiang University)

             Reserve Price in Online Auctions: Theory and Evidence
             Kong-Pin Chen, National Taiwan University

Product Differentiation, Compatibility and Multi-purchasing

             Jiangli Dou, Zhejiang University

 10:30-12:00  Session Six
            (Chair: Shiyuan Pan, Zhejiang University)

             Team Sports Competition and Incentives
              Lex Zhao, Kobe University

             Bribery in Rank-Order Tournaments
             Cheng-Zhong Qing, UC-Santa Barbara and Shandong University

 12:00:     Closing Remarks

             Yongmin Chen, University of Colorado at Boulder and ZJU


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