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About Us

The Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences is originated from related disciplines in Qiushi Academy and Hangchow Presbyterian College which were founded in 1897. After hard development for 120 years, Zhejiang University has gradually realized that the excellent disciplines of humanities and social sciences is very important to target the world-class University. Therefore, it has set up the working group office in charge of the development of humanities and social sciences which is led by our secretary of the Communist Party Committee. Now Zhejiang University has 9 schools in the area of humanities and social sciences, and it also owns 34 departments, 71 institutes and 117 research centers (including academies, platforms, laboratories, etc.).


Zhejiang University has taken the lead in reforms on research organizations and management mechanism of humanities and social sciences among domestic universities to support interdisciplinary crossing, encourage academic innovation, promote connotative development and boost quality improvement, thereby effectively putting forward the development of our researches in humanities and social sciences.


In the construction of humanities and social sciences for nearly 120 years, we condensed the principle of “communicating the past and the present, interacting the East and the West, recognizing the China and the foreign countries, integrating the arts and sciences” according to our characteristics of comprehensive disciplines in arts and sciences. It has also implemented the plans of “strong institutes, elaborate works and excellent teachers” and three “4+1+X” construction projects of “985” in succession and further clarified the developing direction and path of humanities and social sciences. Consequently, Zhejiang University has made remarkable achievements in the fields of discipline construction, research projects and platforms, landmark results, think tank construction, and social services.


Adhering to the principle of social services:" rooting in Zhejiang Province ,orienting the West , serving whole China and connecting the world", Zhejiang University has actively provided decision-making consultations on policy, law and management for central and local governments, participated in social development programming and cultural building, and also strengthened new think tank construction with Chinese characteristics. Actually, it has achieved very significant results and a number of researches have received important instructions from the party and state leaders.In recent years, Zhejiang University has actively carried out foreign exchanges and cooperative projects in the fields of humanities and social sciences with many world-wide well-known universities and research institutes. They exchange scholars to deliver lectures and also co-host international academic conferences.


At present, Zhejiang University is at the starting period of “double first-rate university "construction and tough times of comprehensive reforms. Building the world-class university with Chinese characteristics is our strategic, long-term and leading targets. During this process, philosophy and social sciences will play the important role in understanding the world, inheriting civilization, innovating theories, consulting policies and serving the society, stepping up the pace into "international level, Chinese characteristics and school of Zhejiang University", providing ideological contributions and theoretical supports in targeting the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.